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Because VOX supports your startup needs from the very early stage all the way until the management of the funds attracted.

When you have not decided yet whether your startup should sell equities, tokens or a mix of both.
When you have decided whether it will be an equity raise, an ICO or a mix of both, but you need team support.
When you have begun working at the Business Plan or White Paper, and you still could use some advice.
When you have already defined the strategy and launched the project. Now it is time to connect with investors.
When you need to show your project to as many people and investors as possible, starting from Asia.
When you have successfully completed your fundraising or ICO, and now you need help in managing the resources.


Equipping learners with practical knowledge and skills
Stefano Virgilli
Stefano Virgilli Innovation and Communication
Gina Ho
Gina Ho Administration and HR
Tammy Soh
Tammy Soh Marketing and Communication
Mark Noorlander
Mark Noorlander Technology and Tokenomics