Privacy Policy

1. Overview

Please familiarise yourself with, read, download and save the present Privacy Policy.

The present Privacy Policy governs your use of the products, services, content, characteristics, technologies or functions offered by VoxLab and all relevant websites, applications and services (collectively named the Services of VoxLab) (including without limitation events of provision by you of any information in relation to your use of the Services of VoxLab). By signing up for the Services of VoxLab you accept and express your agreement to the present Privacy Policy. By accepting the Privacy Policy and agreeing hereto you express your unconditional consent to our use and disclosure of your personal information and entrust us to carry out these in accordance with the terms of the present Privacy Policy.

The present Privacy Policy describes the data we collect and how we use them.

In order to use the Services of VoxLab and lower the risk of fraud, VoxLab (hereinafter referred to as "VoxLab", "we", "us" and "our" in any applicable forms), the operator of personal information, shall request you to provide us with information about yourself, including the details of your credit or debit card and/or bank account. By accepting and expressing consent to the conditions of the present Privacy Policy, you unconditionally accept and agree to our processing of your information in the manner required by the present Policy. VoxLab approaches the processing of your information very responsibly and will use your information solely in accordance with the conditions of the present Privacy Policy. For the purpose of the present Privacy Policy, the term "Information" means any confidential and/or personal identification data or other information related to the users of the Services of VoxLab, including without limitation the clients and trading companies (corporate entities).

It is important that you familiarise yourself with the present Privacy Policy because it governs all the Services of VoxLab.

The present Privacy Policy is intended to govern the use of the Services of VoxLab by our users (including without limitation those who use the Services of VoxLab in the course of their trade or business) unless otherwise agreed through contract.

All further amendments to the present Privacy Policy, published in the Privacy Policy section of VoxLab's website during the period of your subscription to the Services of VoxLab, are introduced with reference to the present Privacy Policy and shall become effective as stated in the Privacy Policy. In event you do not agree to the conditions of the present Privacy Policy, please do not subscribe for the Services of VoxLab and do not use them.

In the course of time, the present Privacy Policy may be updated as new features are added to the Services of VoxLab, or as we introduce offers from our clients. We may revise the present Privacy Policy at any time by posting an updated version hereof on our website. Except when we have legal reasons to do otherwise, we shall notify you of the date of the updated edition of the Privacy Policy taking effect not less than 10 days prior to such a date. We may post a notification on the "Policy Updates" page of our website(s) and/or send a notification by email. Since the moment the updated Privacy Policy becomes effective, it will be considered that you have agreed to all the amendments made to the Privacy Policy. In event you do not agree to the conditions of the present Privacy Policy, you may close your account at any time.

Some of the pages on VoxLab's website may contain links to third parties' websites. Those sites are governed by their own terms of confidentiality, and VoxLab shall not be responsible for their operations, including without limitation their principles of use of data. The users providing information on such third parties' websites or through those shall read the terms of confidentiality of such websites before providing those with their personal information.

Children shall not have the right to use the Services of VoxLab and we ask minors (individuals under 18 years old) to not provide us with any personal information and not use the Services of VoxLab.

2. Information We Collect

The necessary information: In order to create an account in VoxLab or use the Services of VoxLab you shall provide the following:

- Contact information (such as your name, email, address, phone number and country of residence) which is provided by you by filling out the forms on the Website, on the phone;

- The information allowing us to offer you the Services of VoxLab, which could include the information related to your bank accounts, credit card, debit card, detailed data allowing us to prevent or detect activity related to money laundering and financing of terrorism, copies of your valid identity document with your photograph in a state-approved format and/or similar identification and clarification data which we regularly request in our sole discretion, and information about you from the credit reference bureau for confirmation of your identity in compliance to the applicable "Know Your Client" rules;

- Information you provide us with or permit us to receive via third party service providers. In order to protect all our clients and partners from potential fraud, we check the information provided by you with third parties. During such checking we receive your personal identity information. In particular, if you register a credit or a debit card or a bank account in VoxLab, we will use the procedure of card authorisation and fraud detection with the purpose of checking that your bank data or card data and address match the information you provided VoxLab with, and that the card hasn't been reported lost or stolen. We may as well collect the information on you from other sources, including other companies (subject to their privacy policies and applicable law) and from other accounts which we may have reason to believe you hold (partly or solely);

- Detailed information on any operations you carry out with help of the Services of VoxLab. Such information includes the amount and the type of the operation, the email address or the phone number of the third party. In addition, when you send funds to another VoxLab's client you may be requested to provide the personal information to that client in order to complete the transaction. Those detailed data may as well be provided to us by that client. We do as well need the Internet-address (IP-address) and other identification information on the computer or device you use to access your VoxLab account or to use the Services of VoxLab, in order to receive assistance in detection of possible cases of unauthorised deals;

- Information on your actions on VoxLab's website, the pages you have visited, the device and the browser you have used. When you sign in to our website or use the Services of VoxLab we (including the companies we work with) may store small-sized files on your computer or another device. Such files may be cookies, pixel tags, flash cookies or any local storage provided by your browser or processing applications (collectively named Cookies). We use Cookies to identify you as a client, for individualisation of the Services of VoxLab, content and advertising, for measurement of promotion efficiency, for assistance in checking the safety of your account is ensured, for reduction of risk of and prevention of fraud and for facilitation of development of trust and security in terms of all of our websites and the Services of VoxLab. You may decline our Cookies if your browser or an additional extension of your browser allow to do so, except when our Cookies are required for prevention of fraud or ensuring the safety of the websites we run. However, declining our Cookies may prevent you from using our website and the Services of VoxLab;

- Information on your computer, such as your IP-address, browser type, visited pages or leaving those, and the operating system;

- Information provided via your mobile devices, such as your location, phone ID, username, contact information;

- Information about communication with us. For example, when you requested our support, sent us requests, questions or comments or reported a problem to us, by email, online or in any other manner, we save such information and our responses to you in your account's history;

- Information which you provide through the website, including such in the form of comments, participation in discussions;

  • Demographic information;
  • Geo-location information;
  • Data extraction and formation of a financial profile.

In case we are unable to verify the information you provide, we may ask you to upload additional information (for example, your driving license, credit card statement, and/or your latest utility bill or other information connecting you to the relevant address) or answer additional questions in the online mode to assist the your data verification.

When a registered user of the Services of VoxLab attempts to engage an individual who is not a registered user of the Services of VoxLab into a deal (for example, sending a payment or another transaction to an individual or requesting a payment from such), we will save the data which the registered user of the Services of VoxLab provides us with, including, for example, the email address, phone number and/or name of the other party. Despite that certain information is stored during a definite period of time in accordance with the applicable law, we may use it to promote our products to unregistered users. In addition, such entities have the same rights to access and correct their personal information (admitting their data were correct) as anyone else using the Services of VoxLab.

At any point in time you can request to delete all of your data. We will do so permanently, without keeping any backup, within 5 working days. If you have shared your data with other members of the community and they have stored your data elsewhere, you will need to request deletion to them directly.

3.How we use the collected information

Our primary purpose in collecting, storing and processing your personal information is to provide you with a secure, seamless, efficient, and customized experience. You expressly agree that we may use your personal information for:

- Processing operations and provision of the Services of VoxLab;

- Verification of your identity, including account creation or password changing;

- Resolution of disputes, collection of fees and troubleshooting of problems;

-Risk management, or for detection, prevention and/or remediation of fraud or other potentially illegal or prohibited activities;

-Detection, prevention or remediation of violations of the Policy or effective user agreements;

- Provision of customer support services;

-Improvement of the Services of VoxLab by customising your user experience;

-Measurement of the efficiency of the Services of VoxLab and improvement of their content and structure;

- Management and protection of our information technology infrastructure;

-Performance of creditworthiness and solvency verification, comparing of information accuracy and verifying of it with third parties

We communicate with our users on the regular basis by means of the Services of VoxLab for provision of requested services, in order to:

-Resolve clients' claims or complaints made by users via the Services of VoxLab;

-Respond to client service requests;

-Inform the users of, as we believe, illegal use of their accounts or any other operations;

-Verify the information related to the users' identity, actions or activities in your account.

- Perform collection;

- Check suspicious operations.

We use the email, phone number, as well as any services connected thereto, Internet-messengers or address for your confirmation of creation of an account in VoxLab, for sending notifications of the payments you send or receive via VoxLab (including the referral payments described below). We may as well send you information about important changes to our products and services, and send notifications and other information subject to disclosure, required by law. In general, the users can not avoid such messages, but those will be of, primarily, informational, rather than commercial nature.

In connection with independent audits of our financial reports and operations, auditors may request to, as an example, contact our clients in order to confirm our records are precise. However, such auditors may not use personal information for other purposes.

We may unite your information with the information received from other companies and use it to improve and customise the Services of VoxLab.

4. How we share information

We do at times engage third parties and their affiliated entities, agents and subcontractors (Service Providers) in provision of certain technological or administrative services in connection with the Services of VoxLab. For example, a Service Provider may be requested to perform as operation processor, provide credit reports or estimations, verify clients' identity, detect suspicious operations, provide services of ensuring safety and manage operations or perform audit thereof.

In some cases, a Service Provider will perform collection of your personal information from other sources on our behalf. We may as well use a Service Provide as a host of one or more of Websites or commission them to carry out administration thereof, process and store information and perform similar functions related to the technology on our behalf. In such conditions, your personal information which a Service Provider receives is limited by solely the data required for the provision of the service to us.

In certain cases, we may as well share some personal information collected by us with carefully selected business partners which shall be obliged to, at first, sign an agreement binding them to keep confidentiality and security of the information and prohibiting them to use it for unapproved purposes. We may disclose personal information without notifying you in case we are permitted or required to do so in accordance with a law, standard, search warrant, summons, decree of the court or notification of the effective standards. We may as well disclose personal information without notice for prevention of fraud or abuse, or for protection of rights, property or safety of VoxLab itself, its clients, employees, service providers or the community.

VoxLab will consider all the available information related to a client confidential when such information is not the public domain. Subject to this term, VoxLab will not disclose such confidential information to third parties.

We will provide third parties with your personal information only in the manner described in the present Privacy Policy. We will not sell, let for rent, lend, trade or rent out any of your personal information received, including registration forms, financial data or email addresses. VoxLab may request your permission by email to disclose your personal information to service providers not affiliated with VoxLab, but you have the right to refuse.

We may provide your personal information to the companies which provide services required to support us in our commercial activities, for example, distribution of informational letters by email, or offering client services. Such companies are authorised to use your personal data only in terms of necessity of provision of such services to us.

We may provide summarised, non-personal identification data publicly and to our partners, for example, publishers, advertisers or partnering websites. For example, we may publicly disclose the data reflecting trends or publish a market research. Please note that third parties which you purchase from and sign a contract with have their own privacy policies, and VoxLab shall not be responsible for their operations, including without limitation their principles of working with information. If you create an account in VoxLab directly on a website of a third party or via an application of a third party, any data you specify on such a website or in such an application (and not directly via the Services of VoxLab) will be provided to the owner of such a website or an application of a third party, and your data may be governed by their privacy policies.

By accepting the present Privacy Policy, you express your unconditional consent to that every time you pay or attempt to pay to a seller or another client of VoxLab (including a seller) with use of your account in VoxLab, VoxLab may provide the aforementioned relevant information to such VoxLab's client for processing, formalising the payment information or other work with it and with the purpose of provision thereof.

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